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Thread: Ovation - no spark

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    Default Ovation - no spark

    Ok I know I was planning of selling this sled but I figured a carb cleaning and new pull ripe and it would be running. I did both of them and went to fire up today and I'm not getting spark. I had my my tester on it and I was only getting inconsistent and weak spark. I had one good spark with the tester and it almost started. I thought perhaps it was the coil. I had a spare and swapped it out. Confirmed ground from wire continuity to motor.

    I did replace plug caps a while back but can't find the resistance they should measure. Also not sure if there is a way to jump out the kill switch just to check.

    I'm pulling my hair out.

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    Would unplugging the kill switch be bypassing it? With my Safaris having no spark I've unplugged the key switch as well as the tether. Never had to unplug the kill switch on any sled though.

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    unplug the ignition and the kill switch and check for spark again. if still no spark, make sure or add a ground from the engine to the coil and one to the chassis from the engine. had to reground the chassis on all the old enticers for this issue back in the day.
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    There is a good chance that it is the grounding on your ignition coil. Check by the air shroud for a ring terminal on a black wire. There was a service bulletin on it.

    Other than that, check your wiring harness, especially all grounding - black wires.

    The manual has some more troubleshooting.

    Check the enticer enthusiasts group on facebook.

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