Better protect Enclosed Trailer's roof?


Dec 18, 2018
North Ontario
I have a 2016 6x12 V-Nose Enclosed trailer and it's in "Perfect / Mint" condition. Just finished applying underbelly protection. See my other thread for details.

I'm now planning to better protect its factory galvanized flat roof. No leaks yet but since I want to keep this trailer for 7+ more years then give to my son, I want this trailer to last many, many more years - for his future usage as well...

Currently planning:
- Power Sand its galvanized roof with 220 grit paper - to rough it up a bit.
- Clean its steel sheet joints with Varsol. Then, let it fully dry.
- Painter's tape its outer side edges and around its roof vents.

Using a 2" paint brush:
- Apply liquid rubber across its steel sheet joints - 1st coat
- Apply liquid rubber around its roof vents - 1st coat.

Using 1/2" nap roller, apply 1st & 2nd coats across its entire roof.

Chosen Product (1 G can) is:

Note: Lots of different U-Tube vids on this product.

Do you have any tips / traps before I start this factory improvement project?

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